It’s Christmas.

It’s Christmas.




What happened to the side bar someone plz explain..


i feel so bad that i have not been on lately

two weeks already..? that i have not posted anything i think

yeah i have been so busy lately and this madness is still going on..

probably wont be back completely till summer

well this upcoming long weekend is definitely exciting

off to vegas tomorrow till monday haha

and might go to LA on our way back as well

i have looked forward to this for too long ><

family trip number 2 within the past 6 months

this time i told my dad to bring his dslr so i can take some pictures

will definitely post some up here once i get back

cant waitttt! 

I’m on the edge with you.


(via House of Turquoise: Sukkertøy for øyet)

10 Stylish Living Rooms

Stunning Home in Hollywood Hills

Stunning Home in Hollywood Hills

had to delay my driving test


b/c uncle cant do it on june 8th anymore

gotta schedule the next available one which is on the 21st :/

i wanted to drive to school for at least once before the school year ends ><

meh guess not 

Modern Apartment Interior Design

Modern Apartment Interior Design
Training dresser

Training dresser
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